I have a lot of friends in this Missouri city. I'd like to get that out of the way from the beginning because that specific city in the Show Me State has been called out as the rudest in the state and there's not even a close second.

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By the way, this is not my opinion. This is a survey from Travel Alot. They decided it would be a grand idea to declare which city in each state was the rudest. But, I felt like trusting just one person (or website's) opinion wasn't fair so I did my own research and found an even broader "rudest" cities list, this time from Business Insider.

Guess what? They both came to the same conclusion and there are others that agree. The consensus is that the rudest city in Missouri is...(*drum roll*)...

St. Louis

What's up with the Gateway city anyway? Travel Alot attributes it to the wildly varying social classes in St. Louis. You have areas like Ladue that are home to the super-rich and those that live in the metro area who are below the poverty line in many cases.

Business Insider took it a step further. They named St. Louis as the 30th rudest city in America.

I'll add my own experiences here. I've gone to enough St. Louis Cardinal games in my life and when I've been in the middle of a bunch of obviously city folk, there seemed to be a big time lack of politeness. Frankly, the best experiences I've had with those that live in St. Louis involved the less affluent. Had a very nice parking attendant at the last game I went to who was very helpful even though he was doing a thankless job. Same story with some of the food vendors. I don't like to play class warfare games, but I call this a win for the common man.

Drive through the ritzy Town and Country suburb in St. Louis and let me know how many people wave at you if you wave at them. You'll be lucky if they don't call security and request that they tackle you.

All that being said, I love St. Louis. Going to the zoo, concerts and baseball games in the big city are worth the hassle of dealing with some of those who call the metro home.

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