We are all different from our hair color, to eye color, to our fingerprints, but did you know that your handwriting can tell a lot about you?

I never knew this, but handwriting can tell a great deal about your personalty. It's called Graphology, it's a way to analyze your handwriting. Graphology is used to confirm celebrity autographs, helps with crime investigations, and is just fun to do.

I remember learning cursive in school, which is sadly not taught anymore, so I do a lot of crossover from regular writing to cursive writing. So I took the test and here is what I found out. When I write in cursive I sometimes can be intense and in a hurry. When I write normal, I am calm and have good memory skills.

So if you want to fine out what your handwriting says about you, are you calm or a hot mess, take the test and share your results.


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