Love is in the air this weekend, as we all gear up for Valentine's Day (Love Day in my house). Most of you will go to dinner at a romantic restaurant, but some might stay in and watch a movie. So which Romantic Comedy movie are you?

According to, each state has a favorite Rom-Com.

For Illinois it's The Break-Up. Probably because it was filmed in Chicago.

Missouri's favorite, the 80's classic Pretty In Pink.

 Iowa, 10 Things I Hate About You.

If none of these movies seem temping to watch, take the quiz and find out which rom-com you are ( I am Pretty Woman). So if you decide to avoid all the craziness of this weekend at restaurants,and spending money on a new outfit, hair, nails, and shoes and buying a gift. Stay in watch one of these Romantic Comedies and enjoy laughing, and at times crying, with the one you love.

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