I know it is easy to criticize people some times, but I try to understand why people do what they do before doing so. I mention this because recently there have been three separate incidents where people I have dealt with have had difficulty with the most simplistic things asked of them. 

The first incident came when I stopped at an out-of-town fast food drive-through restaurant with four of my grand-kids. I ordered a foot-long sandwich and asked if they could cut it into quarters. Normally it comes back sliced in half. I got 3 separate pieces back as it was sliced in thirds instead.

The second incident involved me paying $5.65 for an item that cost $4.65. I gave the worker a five-dollar bill and 65 cents in hopes of getting a dollar bill back. What I got back was 4 quarters back, the correct change, but not what I was expecting.


The third incident happened yesterday and it was very similar in circumstance. I made a purchase that came to $3.25. I gave the person $4.25 and said I didn't want all the change. The kid asked me "how much of it do you want back?"

I am beginning to wonder what planet I am on. Is it me or is this what America is turning into?

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