It was a good life. That's what I'm telling myself after learning what Missouri's average life expectancy is. Let's put it this way. If you live in Missouri, it would be a good idea to get your affairs in order.

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I decided to go straight to the source for this information and not rely on a third-party website where opinions affect outcomes. I wanted pure data, so I found it directly from the Centers for Disease Control.

This is a map showing the average life expectancy for each state. The redder the state, the longer you'll live - apparently. Notice that Missouri is a pale yellow. Spoiler alert - That's not good.

Infographic, CDC
Infographic, CDC

When you dig deeper, it's not really bad news for Missouri though. The average life expectancy for Show Me State residents is 75.1 years. Look at it this way. At least we aren't considered a southern state where death awaits daily.

Great news if you live in Iowa though as the children of the corn have some of the longest life expectancies in America. Isn't it interesting that the states with the longest life expectancies also mostly have the worst winters. Looking at you Minnesota and Maine.

Oh, and how California ended up on the good end of this list is anybody's guess. Perhaps the authorities haven't found the bodies yet? Hey, it's just a theory.

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