For the record, I'm not casting any stones because I've said this Missouri town's name wrong and still sometimes do. Yes, we've all driven through this Missouri place, but it remains by far the most mispronounced name in the Show Me State.

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So if I show you this intersection, see if it brings back any memories.

Google Maps Street View
Google Maps Street View

Look familiar? It should. It's the main intersection in the middle of a town we all used to drive through on our way to Columbia down old Highway 57. It is...(*drum roll*)...

Auxvasse, Missouri

But, how do you pronounce it?

Almost everyone used to get this wrong on the first try. First of all, don't even try to say the "x". Oh, and the double "s" near the end? That doesn't come out like you think it would either.

So how do you say Auxvasse properly?

The Kingdom of Callaway Historical Society explains it best saying that it's "awe-vaz".

Here's something funny you can check out to prove this is the most mispronounced city in Missouri. The website How to Pronounce even gets it wrong. They have 2 audio samples. The first is right, the second isn't even close. When you stump a pronunciation website, you've accomplished something great.

No, with the bypass of new highway 54, we don't go through Auxvasse, Missouri as much as we used to, but it's still the most challenging town pronunciation in the state and that is not likely to change anytime soon.

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