If you believe you are a creative person that is full of good ideas on what to do with land, I have something for you to look at. It's a huge plot of land that's available near the Hannibal, Missouri Walmart. What would you do with it?

I found this interesting listing on Land Search which shows an area of Hannibal that I (and many others) drive by pretty much every day. The curious thing is it appears to be a pretty flexible setup where the listing says "large scale commercial development, residential development or planned mixed use area" is possible.

Huge Land Plot Available Near Hannibal, Missouri Walmart

Gallery Credit: Jennifer Ruhl, Ravenscraft Realty, Land Search.com

I just discovered that I don't have the asking price of $980,000 lying around. But, perhaps you have the resources available and the ideas to make this area in Hannibal interesting. Be sure to check out the full Land Search listing for more details and the agent info, too.

12 Pics of Stunning Hannibal Home Has Riverview Park Views

Gallery Credit: Jennifer Ruhl, Ravenscraft Realty, Realtor.com

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