The famous (or infamous) annual list of the best "party schools" in America is out. Western Illinois University in Macomb and The University of Missouri in Columbia are among the top 100 colleges known to have a good time.

According to Fiesta Frog, who put together the list, WIU ranked 48th out of 100, and Mizzou came in 33rd.

Ryan McVay
Ryan McVay

In a press release about the annual list, Fiesta Frog explained the process used to determine the top 100 party schools, "The Fiesta Frog team ranks the schools according to user votes throughout the year, school visits, student and alumni interviews, student surveys, as well as statistics about the schools and college towns."

Fiesta Frog also addressed the controversial aspect of the list, "The list is often praised, but sometimes criticized by people whose school did not make the list and alumni who do not want their alma mater on the list."

The University of Iowa was the highest ranking college in the Midwest, coming in 6th on the national list. The 2014/2015 top party school in America is The University of California, Santa Barbara, followed by West Virginia University and Arizona State University.

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