When it comes to adult-use cannabis in the Land of Lincoln the numbers are growing at a fast rate the year-to-year data shows, you won't believe how much more cannabis was sold in September 2021 vs September 2020.

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According to an article on newcannabisadventures.com, the rate at which cannabis is selling in the state of Illinois is growing quite fast, and the numbers are staggering.

The numbers being reported on their website say that the number of sales of adult-use cannabis nearly doubled when you compare this past September to last September, there was about $120 million in cannabis sales for the month of September in 2021 which is nearly double the almost $70 million brought in September 2020. But it's not just the month of September, overall sales in 2021 are much higher than they were last year. On the website they say...

"So far in 2021, adult-use sales of $997 million have increased 131% over the same period a year ago. Sales to non-residents continue to represent an increasing percentage of overall sales, reaching 33%..."

It appears as though the largest growth for Illinois over the past year has been people from out of state purchasing legal weed in the Land of Lincoln, to see the data for yourself check out the article by clicking here! 

Illinois may be losing people to other states but just as we here in Quincy, IL cross the river into Missouri for cheaper cigarettes and gasoline, the people from Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Indiana appear to be crossing into Illinois to buy our weed. The growing number of people buying weed in Illinois certainly can't hurt the state that is struggling to pay off its debts.

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