It was brought to our attention recently that Quincy Junior High School was ranked #7 in a list of "Top 10 Most Haunted Schools in Illinois" by paranormal website in a newsletter entitled "Legends & Lore of Illinois."

Is Quincy Junior High School haunted?
Deron Johnson

According to the newsletter, students at QJHS have reported seeing a "ghost of a young boy who, according to legend, hung himself in one of the bathrooms after being dumped by his girlfriend."

The newsletter continued adding to the legendary story. "Every year on the anniversary of his death, students and teachers are said to hear footsteps, crying, and mumbling in the bathroom," the newsletter proclaims.

We'd like to know what you think? Have you heard or seen paranormal activity in the QJHS building? Or is this story just fun for campfires and late night sleepovers?

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