Since I was born with a fear of heights, it's a terrifying thought to me to be working on a scaffolding against a high rise skyscraper. When you add a ticked-off falcon into the equation, it becomes even more fear-inducing as two workers on a Midwest high rise recently discovered.

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These two guys were working on window cleaning way up high in downtown Milwaukee. They found out the hard way that a falcon took their elevated altitude work as a challenge and decided to attack them...constantly. Here's what they had to say for themselves:

While working on the scaffold we were attacked by a Falcon. We got off after and were okay.

NOTE: there is some very NSFW language which is understandable since they're being attacked by a bird several hundred feet up.

Defenders of Wildlife mention that falcons are very territorial especially during mating season. You don't say? Even though they aren't super-large birds, they do have very powerful talons and will perforate you with their beak if they believe you're a threat to them.

Lesson learned for these window washers about how not to appear threatening to predators in the air.

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