Who better to inspect a dam than a true expert? A new video share from the Ralls County Sheriff shows what appears to be a very unhappy beaver inspecting the dam at Mark Twain Lake north of Perry, Missouri.

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Thanks to Brad Stinson for this video share today. This big guy was spotted patrolling back and forth over Cannon Dam at Mark Twain Lake. Brad told me that Deputy Andrew Bonsee was the lucky fellow who happened to be crossing the dam as this beaver made his inspection appearance.

As the Missouri Department of Conservation shared, beavers are known for their expert dam building. However, concrete is not a native place for them as they "live in and along streams, rivers, marshes, and small lakes" as the state says.

The American Beaver used to face challenges in Missouri with a dwindling population, but that has since been turned around. As Spring approaches, this beaver is likely out munching on vegetation.

Since this beaver has given Cannon Dam a good look-over, I'll be interested in what he puts in his report. My guess is that he'll let the Army Corp of Engineers know he could have done it better.

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