The students at Meramec Elementary School knew they had a substitute teacher coming in, but had no idea he also happened to be a Gold Glove center fielder. The substitute's name is Harrison Bader.

The School District of Clayton shared the moment when students realized their substitute for P.E. looked really familiar. This was also shared by KOAM TV.

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Considering the fact that Harrison Bader's first job is involved in a lockout at the moment, he was asked if he would consider the substitute position as an alternative and he shared that he wouldn't be switching jobs anytime soon although he was happy to be in St. Louis and not have a pitcher 'throwing 100 mph trying to eat his lunch'.

One thing that Bader is known for is his signature hair which has its own Twitter page. That's a real thing.

This past year, Harrison showed his amazing speed when he scored from 2nd base on a sacrifice fly.

Nice of Harrison to take some time out of his offseason to show support for the Meramec 3rd graders who hopefully get the chance to see him play his first job this spring.

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