The Missouri Mudders just had a wild weekend in Bowling Green and now there's video to prove all the steep hills that were climbed.

If you're not familiar, the Missouri Mudders are a large group of off-road aficionados that sometimes like to defy gravity. That's a pretty good description of what happened last weekend at their Rocktober Fest that went down (or up?) in Bowling Green October 15 through the 17th.

Thanks to SXS Videos Zach Nash share on YouTube, you don't have to be bummed if you weren't there to witness the wild fun they had.

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It's worth noting that there was a lot of preparation and testing that went into the hill climb event before it even happened.

Missouri Mudders official website shares details on what this group of fun-lovers is all about:

The Missouri Mudders is a non-profit off-road motorcycling organization that sponsors and manages competitive off-road events in Missouri. The Mudders usually manages an Enduro and a Hare-Scrambles each year. The Mudders has also organized ISDE Reunion Rides.

If you don't already, this group is worth keeping up with. You can check out their official website for information and also results from the events they sponsor. They're also fun to keep track of with all the video they share on YouTube.

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