It's safe to say that just about everyone enjoys a good Thanksgiving feast (Sorry not sorry, turkeys). A new video share proves that "everyone" definitely includes lemurs who just chowed down on a Thanksgiving feast at an Illinois zoo.

This lemur food fight happened at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago this week. Note that no turkeys were harmed in the making of this lemur video. As for fruit, yes a lot of that was harmed. Constantly.

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If you research "what do lemurs like to eat?" (I don't recommend it), you'll find that fruit is their life pretty much. The world famous San Diego Zoo has a pretty complete breakdown of the lemur diet which includes plants and tree bark. Ew.

No, lemurs are not meat eaters and aren't a threat to humans so next time you go camping where lemurs live (doubtful), you won't have to worry about a surprise lemur attack. They are known to not like people and can scratch up a storm though.

Turkeys are apparently safe from lemurs also. Happy Thanksgiving.

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