When it comes to intelligence in tourists, I try to keep my expectations low. Even with that lowered expectation, this new video of clueless tourists getting within feet of a bear eating a pumpkin boggles my mind.

Full disclosure: I'm not exactly a Rhodes Scholar either. I do have extreme redneck tendencies, but even I know you don't do this. This happened recently in Gatlinburg, Tennessee and the video speaks for itself.

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One person on YouTube I think speaks for most of us that maintain at least a little common sense:

MHzToGHz - "It's a bear not a squirrel. Stand 3 feet away shoving your phone at it and you are asking for a swat or a charge."

Here's the video taken by one of the tourists that got close to the bear.

Getting close to a wild apex predator like this is never a good idea, but there are two occasions when you want to especially stay away from bears:

  1. The bear has cubs nearby
  2. The bear is eating

This is that 2nd one. IF the bear thinks for one micro-second you plan to steal that pumpkin, you are DEAD.

It's amazing that these tourists were able to snap their pics so close to this huge bear and he's content to just sit there and chomp. It could have gone completely the other way.

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