What are you willing to do when you really want something? If you're this Midwestern bear, you lay it all on the line (literally) for the bird feeder your heart desires.

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The Midwestern family that captured this video described what happened:

We know we have to take down our bird feeders because the bears destroy them every year (usually during the night), but we don't ever seem to get the memo that it is time. This was our first bear sighting this spring. This black bear appears to be around 250 pounds and has woken up hungry. There was not much birdseed left in the feeder, but enough to make it worth a try! This bear came back multiple times that day, and the following days... maybe assuming there would be unlimited free refills!

There is practically nothing a bear won't do to satisfy their insatiable appetites. I believe this happened somewhere in Wisconsin recently.

Normally fish and wildlife departments warn against putting out bird feeders when you live in areas known to have bear habitats nearby. Any time a bear becomes aware that he can get fed in a certain place, he's almost certain to return.

As for this specific bear, I don't think I've seen one of these predators so willing to go vertical. While it made for a funny video moment, I don't think I'd be encouraging this big boy to keep coming back. Bears getting used to humans normally doesn't end well for the bears.

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