There is one truck driver who is very fortunate to be alive today. He was driving his truck near Seneca, Illinois just as a bridge collapsed leaving him barely hanging on as a new video shows.

Check out the close call that this driver had thanks to a video share from CBS Chicago.

The Seneca, Illinois had flash flooding Monday night and this driver was out surveying bridges for the county to check for problems. He obviously found one. For the record, Seneca, Illinois is located about 60 miles to the southwest of Chicago.

WGN is reporting that the Seneca area received around 6 inches of rain Monday night. That's a remarkable amount of moisture in such a short time span.

Their follow-up report explained that the driver had some bruises thanks to airbags deploying, but was otherwise in good health. He was rescued by Good Samaritans who pulled him off of the truck hood according to reports.

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What are the odds that his truck would be the exact length it would take to remain perched on both sides of the bridge at the exact time when the bridge would give way? I'm not a big believer in coincidences and believe this man's survival is miraculous.

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