Innocent until proven guilty. Remember that as you watch a grandma completely throwdown and unmask an alleged shoplifter a few days ago.

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Another saying is "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" and this grandma obviously felt scorned when she realized that it was possible that a man was trying to leave without paying for items. Not certain exactly which Walmart this happened at, but here's the brief description on the video share of what the person witnessed:

I was recording this alleged shoplifter attempt to walk out of a Walmart with a cart full of stuff and this nice little old lady got in the way just as I grabbed his cart. Before anyone could react she’d decided she’d had enough with the chronic shoplifting and unmasked the bandit in record time. A tug of war for the cart-full of items followed and he ended up leaving it behind.

Spoiler Alert - Grandma more than gets the best of him

To restate, no proof this guy was trying to steal the stuff. However, I must ask why he didn't just show the lady his receipt when confronted. Also, why no items in bags? At least circumstantially, this guy's shopping experience is questionable.

No one knows this guy's situation and when people are desperate, they'll do things they wouldn't otherwise do. Not judging. However, big time kudos to the grandma for standing up for what she believed was right and not being afraid to question something she suspected was wrong.

Thankful that neither she nor any others nearby were injured as this could easily have become an even worse situation.

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