You just never know when you're going to walk into a place when the people there will start randomly singing shanty pirate songs. Never happen to you? Well, you obviously have never been to this place in Missouri.

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I saw this fun restaurant moment shared recently on the Missouri sub-Reddit page. It's called the "Springfield Shanty Choir...We sing Shanties and Drink".

I did some "research" and discovered (thanks to the sign on the wall) that this is Great Escape Beer Works in Springfield. If I'm understanding correctly, they are a local brewery in that part of Missouri based on what I'm seeing on their website.

So why was everyone singing sea shanties like pirates? Why not would be my response. There's a fun Quora conversation about whether or not pirates in the Caribbean really did sing shanties and the consensus was yes. It was a way to keep the crew happy and entertained while doing the hum-drum work of being a pirate (which really wasn't as exciting at the movies make it out to be).

Well done to these Springfield Missourians on having a hearty attitude about life and never ruling out shanty singing when the situation calls for it.

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