I have something in common with a bear and I can prove it with science and a video. There's a fun moment when one of these large animals swiped a chicken nugget meal off a porch along with the fries, but he left the salad completely intact.

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This is one of the more fun offerings I've seen making its rounds on the internet today. A guy ordered a chicken nugget meal and a salad for delivery. Before he could get his food from the delivery person, his doorbell camera detected someone beat him to it. Watch and see if you wouldn't have done the same thing.

Here's the kicker. The owner said that the bear made off with "30-nuggets and a large fry, but that the animal didn't want anything "to do with the salad." Perfect.

I believe this fun viral bear moment happened in Seminole County, Florida which also explains a lot. Things are done differently in Florida. If you haven't been there, just know that almost every crime story shared on The Smoking Gun happened in the Sunshine State.

As we get closer to the new year when resolutions will once again be a thing for some people, don't expect this bear to be one of the many interested in weight loss. He's a nugget and fry bear, no salads please.

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