Let me tell you the story of two Midwestern dogs. One was a Saint Bernard and the other wasn't, but they both wanted to play together. There was a fence between them and something had to be done. New video shows what happened when they were caught red-handed (or is that red-pawed?) after they made a hole in the fence and tried to act innocent.

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This fun pet moment was just shared out of Red Wing, Minnesota. Here's the backstory about why this fence suddenly has a dog-friendly hole in it:

Two dogs vandalize a fence in their desperate need to play together. Elizabeth Potter, 30 from Red Wing, Minnesota, US was getting ready for work when she noticed her Saint Bernard fixated on a part of the fence. Everest, the three-year-old dog was causing havoc with the neighbor’s dog, Bear, a 2-year-old English Mastiff. Bear and Everest had put a hole straight through the fence with their giant heads, which were no doubt filled with nothing but mischief.

Everest, the Saint Bernard, has some explaining to do.

The AKC describes Saint Bernards as "playful, charming and inquisitive". That sounds about right. There's no mention of them being expert hole-makers, but that would be accurate, too. I've had friends who had these massive animals and they are fun, but you can never underestimate their ability to make a way to play when there isn't one. The fact that Everest made a hole in the fence so he could play with Bear is no surprise whatsoever. It was simply of matter of time.

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