It's now a psychiatric museum, but at one time it used to be an insane asylum in St. Joseph, Missouri. Paranormal investigators decided to check it out and found many unexplained shadows, noises and voices during their stay there as a new video reveals.

St. Joseph State Mental Hospital (now known as the Glore Psychiatric Museum) has a deep history which even now still has artifacts from 100 years ago documenting the patients and methods used to treat them. Staff have reported numerous instances of chills, sounds and voices which led to an investigation by well-known YouTube channel The Paranormal Files. Here's a comprehensive video showing what they found within these walls...and under it.

One of the creepiest moments is shown at the beginning where two of the investigators are searching a tunnel under the old asylum when a door slams shut locking them underneath.

They shared that the facility experienced over 3,000 deaths during the time of its operation. Nurse Sarah Parks gave the investigators a tour and explained the history and weird happenings reported by staff. There's a music box in one of the rooms that goes crazy every time someone plays Gospel music. Wonder why that is?

In one of the hallways, staff have shared that they heard someone playing with marbles on the floor even though no one else was in the building. Some hallways smell like cigar smoke even though no smoking is allowed there.

One interesting thing about these ghost hunters is they have some advanced equpment that can translate in real time voices that are picked up in the normally hidden spectrums.

The Paranormal Files (Official Channel) via YouTube

About halfway through the investigation, those voice readings became much more sinister.

The Paranormal Files (Official Channel) via YouTube

You can find out more about this creepy institution by checking out their official website...if you dare.

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