A resident in Mehlville, Missouri heard 3 booms and an explosion that was deafening Tuesday afternoon. She then grabbed her phone camera and captured video of what she later learned was a garbage truck that had caught fire.

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Fox 2 St. Louis just shared this video on YouTube that was provided to them by Cathy Donahue who lives in Mehlville, Missouri which is located in the southern part of the St. Louis area. This was the sight she saw around 1pm Tuesday. It was a massive inferno all based around a garbage truck.

Firefighters said there were ruptured natural gas tanks in the garbage truck that were possibly the origination of the fire. The blaze jumped to a nearby landscape truck and also a tree. Fortunately, there were no injuries from the fire or the explosions. The driver of the garbage truck was fortunately able to escape without injury, too.

It's unclear if the natural gas tanks were disposed of inside the garbage truck or a part of the truck itself. The only thing that's certain is that the fire was big and the explosions bigger and it's very fortunate that someone wasn't hurt.

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