There's a reason why this is considered the most haunted house in Missouri if not the entire United States. Multiple security camera videos seem to prove that there really is a sinister presence that calls this dreadful house its home.

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As we have previously shared, the Haunted Castle House in Brumley, Missouri really is. It was built in 1850 by a country doctor. It didn't take long before things began to go terribly wrong. By the time the flu pandemic of 1918 hit, many lives had been tragically taken in this home. It was reportedly a place where sick patients would be kept by the doctor until they either healed or...didn't. The result was more than 20 graves at the site of this home.

This torrid history of sadness and death has led to many unexplained occurrences. Virtually every visitor that has tried to spend the night in the house either doesn't make it through the night and/or reports horrible sounds and things they can't explain. Now, there are multiple security cameras that confirm something is amiss here. This was captured by the doorbell camera a few years ago.

That's just the beginning. The caretaker named Steve decided he would document what he witnessed when he was in the house alone. He investigated multiple rooms where he would hear voices. Just watch all of the "anomalies" the infrared camera picked up.

These are the same rooms where an article on Realtor claimed people were hearing crying and screaming women. Could this be evidence that what those witnesses said was true? The only thing that is certain is "something" lies within the walls of this Brumley, Missouri home.

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