It's been a stormy day in the Midwest and for some areas tornadic. New video shows a large dangerous tornado that just roared through Des Moines, Iowa.

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UPDATE: CNN is reporting that there are now 6 fatalities from this tornado including 2 children.

ORIGINAL STORY: As Southeast Iowa Weather Updates shared on Facebook in the last hour, a large and dangerous tornado went through the Des Moines area.

This is the video that was just shared on YouTube from that storm system.

This team of storm chasers documented this wedge tornado as it began and when it became most violent.

Videos of damage are now beginning to be shared. Here are what we've found so far:

WHO 13 in Des Moines shared new video and reports of storm damage.

Iowa Storm Chasing shared this video of damage they witnessed, too.

As of this writing, there are still storms moving through Missouri, Illinois and Iowa. Make sure you're aware of updates and potential new storm warnings as this low pressure system makes its way through our area.

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