With a major winter storm leaving heavy amounts of snow across the Tri-States, Trooper Mike Kindhart of the Illinois State Police took a moment to provide an update on driving conditions around the area.

We've got continuous roads, whether it be highways/interstates that are completely snow-packed and covered...there's no seeing white lines, no seeing yellow lines...numerous roads are getting completely impassible. The snow is so deep that if you would ever have to come to a standstill or a stop, getting started again is almost impossible.

Tom Lynn, Getty Images
Tom Lynn, Getty Images

Trooper Kindhart says that officials do understand that some people have no choice but to be out in the weather.

I know that a lot of them (drivers) need to get home, need to get to their children,and things like that. If it is an extreme necessity for you to drive, we understand that. Plan accordingly, make sure that stopping distance is improved, make sure you've got your cell phone handy for that emergency purpose. If you don't have to (drive), let's give our road crews a chance to get things cleaned up for us.

Trooper Mike Kindhart with the Illinois State Police

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