Winter isn't over yet. However, there was good news for fans of Midwestern wolves as a new trail cam video shows one pack's pups have so far made it through the hardest part of the season.

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A wolf project trail cam that monitors wolves in the Cranberry Bay territory of Minnesota showed this amazing number of wolves walking by a few days ago. The 4 wolves near the end are all pups although they're nearly the size of their parents at this point.

For reference, this is where Cranberry Bay is located. We're talking about extreme northern Minnesota.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

One zoologist website explored the mortality rate for wolf pups. It varies wildly depending on a number of factors, but the takeaway is that it's not common for all 4 wolf pups in the litter to have survived the winter. As he mentions, they are born blind for several weeks and numerous predators are a threat to young pups before they mature.

It looks like these 4 are very much thriving so far which will make the Cranberry Bay Pack even more prominent in the northern Midwest.

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