I'm not sure what this bear had for dinner, but I do believe it was all of something. A trail cam shows one of these big beasts almost defying the law of physics by fitting himself through a rather small (for a bear) crawlspace under a building.

This video was captured just a few days ago by a trail cam in an unnamed location. We have plenty of bears in our area, so I thought you might find it interesting how little space it takes to contain such a massive bear.

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I was able to track this video back to its original share on Instagram which leads me to believe this might have happened in the Lake Tahoe area. They share the measurements of the room as being 14" by 14". I am assuming here that the bear decided to den under this trail rest area building?

I also share this since hiking is a common past time in these parts that checking under a rest area might be a good idea before you settle in for the night. If this huge bear can fit in such a small space, pretty much any hiking trail stop area is a possibility.

Fortunately, this bear wandered off to resume doing bear things and I have no doubt the rangers in whatever area this was captured in will be keeping an eye on the tiny area from now on.

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