Steve Lukather and Joseph Williams have revealed a new lineup of Toto, with plans to premiere the new members with a livestream concert on Nov. 21.

Joining the two band veterans are bassist John Pierce (Huey Lewis and the News), keyboardists Dominique “Xavier” Taplin (Prince) and Steve Maggiora, multi-instrumentalist-vocalist Warren Ham (Ringo Starr) and drummer Robert "Sput" Searight. Guitarist Lukather co-founded the band in 1977; Williams sang lead from 1986-89 and then rejoined in 2010.

“We could not be more at peace with this move," Lukather said in a press release. "There is a refreshing, optimistic enthusiasm to step in to the future. At this moment, Joe and I are the only long-tenured members of the band that want to be on the road continuing to bring music to our multigenerational fan base."

Tickets for the upcoming online concert go on sale tomorrow at Dice. Toto hope to mount the Dogs of Oz tour in 2021; Lukather and Williams both also have solo albums planned for release next year. Back in August, Lukather released "Run to Me," which features Williams and Starr.

“Joe and I have been friends since I was 17 and Joe was 14," Lukather noted. "During the course of this pandemic we’ve been reevaluating our career and how to move forward. People are either not with us anymore or have retired. We still feel like kids who want to be back on the road as soon as possible. It’s where we live. Joe’s growth as a producer, songwriter, engineer, singer and performer is inspiring. The timing of this move is perfect as Joe is at the top of his game, and he amazes me every day. We are enjoying this collaboration and could not be more enthusiastic about the future.”

"Luke and I have been through a lot with one another," Williams added. "He’s like a brother to me. Our creative partnership has always enriched our lives. As we look towards what’s to come in unison, there is nothing but anticipation to bring everything in our minds to life. I can’t think of anyone else on Earth I’d rather launch the next chapter with [than] this lifelong, loyal and gifted friend and bandmate."


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