Happy International Women's Day to all the women in the world. I'd like to take a few minutes to thank all the women who helped me to become the woman I am today. There are so many!

Thank you to the first women in radio. Being in a male-dominated industry, it was a little challenging to get my foot in the door. So thank you to pioneers like Kate Smith--the "First Lady of Radio"--who was on the radio in the 1930s and to the many more who paved the way for women like myself to have a career in radio broadcasting.

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Thank you to my grandmother, Mary, who taught me how to make her famous spaghetti sauce from scratch (and how to make a tasty meatball). She was my second mom and I miss her every day. She passed in 2001.

Thank you to all of the talented artists I grew up listening to (and still do); Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and so many more. Their music inspired me to follow my dreams and not let anyone stop me.

Thank you to my sisters, Jaime, Jessica, and Stephanie. Man, when we get together we are fireballs. And NO ONE messes with my sisters. I got suspended from school once for threatening someone who was bullying one of you...and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. It has been an honor to be your BIG sister (I say "big" even though they're all taller than me now). To see Jaime follow her dream of becoming a teacher and becoming a mother last year, Jessica becoming a wife and a mother with a successful career, and Stephanie finding her path in her new career in Kansas City brings me so much joy. I can't wait to see where your future brings you. I know whatever these women put their minds to, they are going to succeed. Our parents taught us that.

And finally, thank you to my mom! She has taught me how to be a role model to my younger sisters. She pushed me when I was feeling down and told me to "knock it off, get up, and go after my dream." She has taught me (and still does every day) how to be a mother. It's still the hardest and most rewarding job I will ever have. When we first moved from the East Coast when I was a kid, I was devastated. But now as a mom, I understand why my parents made that courageous move for my sisters and I; so we could have a better life. Because as a mom myself, that is all I want for my children.

I only hope that I raise my girls to be strong, independent women, like these women have inspired me to be. I know there will be bumps (I mean, we still have to get through the teenage years) but I know that no matter what they decide to do in life, I will be there to support them, encourage them, and inspire them to follow their dreams.

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