I have refrained from comment regarding the immigration problem our country is facing and I won’t take a stance on how I feel about it here. No matter what side I take, there will backlash from the other side….some of it justified and some of it not.

I will say this, for a mother and a family to want to travel many days across several counties to try to get to the United States says volumes about just how bad it is in their homeland. And therein lays the real issue.  The issue is not that they are coming here illegally, it’s why are they coming here?

Drugs and the gangs are destroying the homeland of these people as they knew it. And don’t for a minute think it isn’t happening in America as well. Just ask Chicago and Long Island. We at least have a police force in America to help fight this problem to some extent. Police forces in countries like Honduras and El Salvador are overwhelmed or in some case even involved with the gangs.

So I ask, if the gangs were wiped out would these people still come to the United States seeking refuge? Some still will, but most probably not. Putting a bulls-eye on these gangs won’t completely solve it but it will go a long way to easing our immigration problem.

If we don’t take steps now to wipe out the gangs and the drug trafficking, Illegal immigration will be the least of our problems.

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