Is a 4-hour journey worth it to you if there's an awesome porch view and waterfall waiting? If you can answer yes to that proposition, you need to see a Missouri cottage that has both of these things in spades.

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I found what is described as a "quaint cottage with big views and fishing" on Airbnb a couple hours south of St. Louis. Steve, the host, describes it like this:

The tiny farmhouse is decorated in rustic charm to match the setting overlooking the historic farm. A magical setting that allows you to experience the serene surroundings with hiking, fishing on 40 acres. It has a stocked fishing pond, row boat ‍♂️ nearby hiking trails, state parks just down the road.

I don't think I've seen a porch view to rival this one in a long time.

This Missouri Cottage Has Gorgeous Porch View & Waterfall Nearby

Based on the map shared on Airbnb, this cottage looks like it's near Fredericktown, Missouri. As of this writing, it has a near perfect 4.99 rating out of 5 from over 100 visitors on Airbnb. The nightly cost is $115 per night as of now.

If you've got state parks and waterfalls as close as this cottage does and you offer a porch view like the ones above, you have my undivided attention.

Make sure to check out Steve's full listing on Airbnb since there are always changes and updates along with more pics and details on what porch views await.

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