It was a warm August night in 2004. A rowdy crowd was rocking out to an Ozzy Osbourne concert. People were having BBQ's. Those events were interrupted when those masses suddenly saw 3 mysterious lights appear in the sky overhead.

It was August 21, 2004 when the 3 UFO's were reported over Tinley Park, Illinois. The odd event was so widely-reported, it was the subject of an entire episode of UFO Hunters on The History Channel.

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The estimates from eyewitnesses say that the objects were massive and could have been as big as 1500 feet across. That's hard to even imagine.

All this happened as Ozzy Osbourne was performing in Tinley Park, Illinois that same night. I think that was Ozzfest back in 2004.

Ready to laugh this off? Not so fast. When the US Navy admitted that they do consider UFO's real a few years ago, an expert on Patch said that the Tinley Park, Illinois UFO incident was not a hoax.

It gets even stranger. Wikipedia mentions that August 21, 2004 wasn't the only night the Tinley Park Lights appeared. It happened 2 months later and also on Halloween 2004 and Halloween 2006.

With individual UFO sightings, it's easy to dismiss one person mistaking a known flying object like a weather balloon or Starlink satellites for a UFO. But, when a mass of people see UFO's like what happened at Tinley Park, Illinois in 2004, you tend to take those reports a bit more seriously.

What really appeared over Illinois those nights and what were their intentions? Zooming down for an Ozzy show or something much more sinister?

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