By now you know there’s some fundraising Comedy Roast to fight Alzheimer’s coming up this Saturday night at the Elks Lodge. They say a good laugh can cure a lot of problems and there will be many laughs Saturday night as I sit in the hot seat getting roasted. Well, a laugh won’t cure Alzheimer’s Disease, but it might take your mind off of this dreaded disease even for just an hour or so. If that happens for those dealing with Alzheimer’s then it is all worth it. If you are a lucky one who has not had to deal with Alzheimer’s consider yourself fortunate. Those of us who have dealt with it for family members or friends know how awful it can be. Speaking of friends dealing with Alzheimer’s, last Friday Dennis Oliver came forward and declared he is suffering from Alzheimer’s. For him to come forward to help others is commendable.  He is willing to be an area spokesperson in the fight against Alzheimer’s and will be making an appearance at Saturday’s Roast.

I have known about his struggles for the last three years, but for many of you it came as quite a shock to hear him declare it last Friday. The outpouring of support for him has been phenomenal. While he has been gaining support in his fight, others suffering from Alzheimer’s, and there are plenty of them, have a much smaller support system and they need your help just like Dennis does.

This is why we are holding the Celebrity Roast this Saturday and The Walk to End Alzheimer’s on September 16th. The money raised will go to help the victims and the caregivers as well. I would love to see a full house at the Elks Lodge at this adults only event this Saturday, not for me, but for all of the people dealing with this dreaded disease.

No one wants a parent to get Alzheimer’s, or a son or daughter or eventually our grandchildren to have to deal with this disease. So lets go after it now. Tickets are just $20 per person and $150 for a table of 8.  $20 to help fight Alzheimer’s might be the best $20 you will ever spend.

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