Having battled COVID-19 for some 12 days and dealing with the isolation a quarantine period presents for a single person, I had a tremendous amount of time to think about the perfect gift to give this Christmas.

It has to be a gift that keeps on giving and one that will benefit the many who appreciate the fact you have one and are willing to use it. By now I am sure you are wondering what gift I am taking about?

Well, the perfect gift for everyone to get this Christmas is a "local" restaurant or small business gift card. These businesses struggle daily to compete with the the large chain outlets during good times, but trying to do so under our current circumstances is a monumental challenge.

This is where you come in. We all have our favorite store or restaurant that we like to frequent and now is NOT the time to abandon them. Gift cards from these stores and restaurants purchased now will help their cash flows to continue until times get better and they will with time.

Your gift card purchases will keep many people employed during Christmas which gives them a chance to make their own gift card purchases as well.  This kind of turnover of the shopping dollar will go a long way to help our local economy stabilize now and speed up our economic rebound.

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So if you have no idea what to buy someone (or yourself) for Christmas, make it a gift card.  But, make sure it is from a locally owned business or restaurant. Christmas is about helping others, so make this Black Friday shopping experience just that. You win, they win, we all will win.

Here's to keeping our local businesses open, people employed and a return to normalcy!


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