It's not really unusual to see something strange in the sky that you can't explain. However, it's something else entirely when that encounter causes you to lost significant amounts of time that you can't remember. That's exactly what happened during an Illinois UFO encounter this summer.

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According to the National UFO Reporting Center, this encounter happened near Ottawa, Illinois on June 18, 2022. By the way, Ottawa is located just to the southwest of Chicago. Here's the word-for-word testimony so I don't take this witnesses' words out of context. I've abbreviated a small part of it, but this tells their story:

I saw three very bright dots in the sky in the shape of a triangle hovering. A 4th dot appeared and they started rotating into a circle...I was driving on i-80 east with a co-worker nearing Ottawa IL, when I saw three bright white dots in the sky. They were in a formation of a perfect triangle. At first I thought it might be planes but they remained apparently motionless as we kept driving...After driving and watching for a few minutes, we noticed a 4th bright white light appear, the triangle broke pattern into more of a circle or oval then started rotating. This was the first I seen any of the dots move at all...The weirdest part and I wasn't going to mention at first was I thought we were another 25 minutes away from Ottawa and when I looked up we were almost passed it, time went by super fast. And a kind of dark vision in my eyes from staring at those lights, kind of like getting a direct glimpse of the sun makes the background darker.

When I see UFO reports of lights moving across the sky, I almost immediately dismiss that as someone seeing the Starlink satellites. But, lights rotating around each other then another light appearing is something completely different.

It's the time loss that baffles me and makes me think this is a legit UFO encounter. There are many books documenting people having time they can't account for and this is definitely that.

What were these lights and what were their intention? Impossible to know at this point, but I am convinced this person did have a legitimate paranormal encounter.

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