I would guess that most of us that live in the Midwest have seen St. Louis many times in many ways. However, I doubt hardly any of us have seen St. Louis like a guy who flew over the city with just a small motor on his back did.

This is Tucker Gott. He's a well-known dude in the sport of paramotoring. If you're not familiar with it, paramotoring involves flying with only a small motor on your back and a parachute.

NOTE: Do NOT attempt this without professional training. You could die. Seriously. Don't.

It wasn't that long ago that Tucker brought the van he lives in and his paramotor gear to St. Louis for a trip over the city.

This looks dangerous and it is, but the statistics show the hazards aren't that much different than other forms of flight. The Cold Wire shared some numbers that show about 1 out of ever 1500 paramotor flights go wrong. One of the most famous paramotor/paragliding guys on YouTube, Grant Thompson, ended up filming his own death as his parachute collapsed possibly due to him hitting a thermal too close to the ground.

It's not a sport you attempt without professional training and even then it's obviously a life-threatening dangerous activity. But, you can't argue with the amazing view of the Gateway Arch at sunset that Tucker captured.

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