If you seek solitude near Palmyra, Missouri and have the means to afford it, you really must see this $1.675 million dollar mansion that includes 2 ponds and a creek.

This home is so lavish, I half expect to see camera crews from Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous wandering around. This is 4603 Highway 61 near Palmyra, Missouri and pictures barely do it justice.

Palmyra Multi-Million Dollar Mansion

Here are some more details provided in the Realtor.com listing:

Enjoy room to roam on 84+ acres with 2 ponds (1 spring-fed), creek, wildlife and woodland featuring mature walnut, hickory, oak, and pine trees. Open-air spaces include screened cedar porch, newly rebuilt decks, and ground floor terrace. Exceptional designer details include crown molding, custom woodwork and built-ins, multiple fireplaces, and tray ceilings.

But, the part that caught my eye is this specific mention:

A host of commercial options available, including horse or cattle ranch, event venue, or residential development.

This is the cattle ranch and concert venue I've always wanted. No? What if I said "please"?

The asking price is currently $1,675,000. That's more crooked numbers and zeroes than I can afford, but I can always daydream.

The listing mentions that this 84+ acre property borders the north side of Palmyra city limits. Be sure to check out the full listing for even more pictures and details on what might be one of the nicest homes in the tri-states.

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