After  their season opening series with the Cincinnati Reds, the St. Louis Cardinals are meeting the Marlins again tonight and then again tomorrow afternoon in Miami before returning to St. Louis for the home opener with the Milwaukee Brewers Thursday afternoon (3:15 p.m.).

With the baseball season scheduled for all 162 games this year you might think things have basically returned to normal. That is not the case for the players or the fans going to the game.

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If you are planning on attending any games in St. Louis this season there are several changes you need to know before leaving for the game.  According to the website here is what you need to know.

Socially-Distanced Seating

Seating will be done in pods of four or less with a distance of at least 6-feet between  pods in all directions.

Masks Required

Masks worn over the nose and mouth will be required at all times in all areas of the stadium unless guests are actively eating and drinking. Only standard masks will be allowed.

Hand Sanitizer

You will find hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the ballpark.

Designated Entry Gates

Fans will enter and exit the stadium through one of six designated entry gates to expedite the process and limit crowding and you will not be permitted to exit and re-enter the stadium.

Staff Health Screenings

Employees and event staff will be subject to temperature screenings before entering the stadium.

Mobile-Only Ticketing

All tickets will ensure a touchless entry and be delivered via the MLB Ballpark app.

Cashless Transactions                                                                                        

Concession stands and kiosks in the stadium will be cashless and only offer credit and debit payment options.

Bags Not Permitted

Bags, including purses and fanny packs, will not be permitted to be brought in to Busch Stadium, except for medical or diaper bags.

Full details on the above guidelines are available at


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