The big Fourth of July weekend is here! Time to relax, watch fireworks and eat hot dogs.

I was just looking at several things that have happened around the Fourth of July in the past. Why? So you will be smart when someone this weekend asks you about National Eat Beans Day. It just so happens it will be on Wednesday, July 3rd. Now you know.

Other historic things that have happened around the Fourth of July include the first savings bank in America opened in 1819. Staying on that money thing, in July of 1871 Jesse James robbed a bank for $45,000. That was big big money back then. I wonder how he spent it? It was a big time for robbers because in July of 1901, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid robbed a train of $40,000 in Wagner, Montana.

Here is a thing you don't see everyday. On the 2nd of July way back in 1850, an alligator fell from the sky during a  thunderstorm in Charleston, South Carolina. That never happens around here.

Just some things to talk about while your watching the fireworks on the fourth. Stay safe!

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