This is what happens when I spend too much time on Reddit. There's a new video share that shows a Missouri guy doing something that no one else should ever do. Ever. He has created an epic roman candle launcher thing.

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Disclaimer: DON'T DO THIS. While I admire his ingenuity and know-how, I can see about a million ways this could have gone extremely wrong. I saw this shared on the Missouri sub-Reddit with the description "Missouri man makes Roman Candle Gatling Gun!". Yes, he very much did although thankfully it's not really a gun.

The comments on Reddit were as funny as they were insightful. Almost without exception, they mentioned how dangerous it was, but admitted that it looked fun. One person correctly mentioned that he should have worn eye protection. How about not making this invention at all? That's the safest option.

I don't know exactly how he did it and wouldn't share it here even if he did. In defense of the guy, it seems he did his research before trying this. Here's his comment from the Reddit share:

Roman candles are basically just colored fuses, after it burns (in the air) there’s not much left when it reaches the ground. I did quite a bit of research and testing to make sure this was something I could to without injury or property damage.

I appreciate that he did his research, but still put this in the NOPE column. However, I'll give him 2 points for researching and creating his dream anyhow.

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