There is a new form of subliminal messages that parents are finding on YouTube Kids videos that parents need to be aware of.

As a parent, I try and limit my kids' access to the internet, YouTube Kids, and gaming. But I'm not perfect. However, I might be deleting the YouTube app off of all our devices. There are reports of children watching innocent videos with some sudden, disturbing themes including suicide. So here you think your child is watching Peppa Pig, and it then show's Peppa Pig cutting herself with a knife and bleeding everywhere.

Not only are there videos of beloved characters killing themselves, but there are also themes of violence, abuse, and even sexual nature. I have talked with both my girls and they say that they have not seen any of these videos. But that hasn't stopped me from deleting YouTube and YouTube Kids for all ipads, phones, and I blocked the website on the home computer. Yes, there were a few tears, but they'll get over it. Just be careful because what you think might be sweet and innocent, could be completely opposite.

There is also the MoMo Challenge going on (with the creepiest face I've ever seen). It's a form of cyberbullying found on Facebook or WhatsApp that challenges you to do a truth or dare (yeah like the movie). The more truth and dare challenges you complete, the more dangerous they become. See the creepy face for yourself.

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