When I think of monkeys, I don't normally think of Missouri unless I'm planning a trip to the St. Louis Zoo. However, there is currently a missing monkey mystery in Missouri and it's mystifying.

I saw this story just reported by Fox 2 in St. Louis. It's in regards to a lady in Fenton, Missouri named Tonia Haddix. Early last year, Tonia had 7 chimpanzees (remember that number) in her care. As Fox 2 tells it, PETA got involved because they weren't happy with her care of the monkeys.

The battle became heated as PETA wanted the monkeys moved to a certified care place and Tonia wasn't going along with it.  Fox 2 then reported that in July U.S. marshals seized the chimps. Only problem is they could only find 6 chimpanzees on Tonia's property.

Where did the missing monkey go? They report that Tonia claimed it had died. That's what led to this day in court.

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The word is that while the judge didn't rule that Tonia was in contempt, she was open to hearing new evidence if anyone could present it down the road.

This missing Missouri monkey mystery has gained enough notoriety that even Yahoo News has reported on it.

It looks like if you want to see monkeys in Missouri, you're gonna have to settle for the Primate Canopy Trails in the St. Louis Zoo.

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