When someone first told me the name of this Missouri town, I thought they were pulling my leg especially when they told me it was Peculiar. Seriously, that's the name. Peculiar, Missouri and I now know more about it than I ever dreamed possible.

This Bugs Bunny "Eureka!" moment happened after I stumbled upon a video by a kind couple who explained all about Peculiar, Missouri.

Peculiar, Missouri might as well be referred to as Kansas City Light as it's practically swallowed up by the southern part of the metro area. The Wikipedia page for Peculiar (which I highly recommend bookmarking just because you can) explains how the town got its name:

There are at least two versions of the story on how Peculiar received its name. The first involves the community's first postmaster, Edgar Thomson. His first choice for a town name, "Excelsior," was rejected because it already existed in Atchison County, Missouri. Several other choices were also rejected. The story goes that the annoyed Thomson wrote to the Postmaster General himself to complain saying, among other things, "We don't care what name you give us so long as it is sort of 'peculiar'." Thomson submitted the name "Peculiar" and the name was approved.

A Missouri name that came to be because of a joke. I love it. The other version states that early settlers were looking for a place to stop and they saw a small ridge and said "That's peculiar" and it stuck. I'm not sure which version I like better because they're both classic.

Now you know that there really is a peculiar town in Missouri...named Peculiar. It's the town that is a constant punch line. Wouldn't want it any other way.

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