Whatever happened to the good ol' days when you could get in your car and just go for a drive. There is no real reason to, but to enjoy being behind the wheel. Are those days gone? They just might be. Today there are so many reasons to not do that, even though our gas prices have been "reasonable" lately. Today that once relaxing drive has taken a turn for the worse. Take driving in Quincy for an example.

I know I will be getting on my bandbox again with this statement, but is it me or have you also noticed the increasing number of drivers who feel they almost have to touch my back bumper going 30 miles an hour? Tailgating is an enjoyment wrecker waiting for a real wrecker to show up.

Then there is chronic problem of needing to get on your phone while driving. Is it really that important that running into someone, or God forbid over them, takes a back seat to "yapping" or "texting" on your cell phone to your friend? That back seat just might be the place you end up in the car in front of you. Oh, this relaxed driving thing is "so much fun"..not.

Even if there is no one on the road when you are driving, you still have to hope the cops don't pull you over because you are swerving back and forth as you drive. Hopefully, the nice policeman will understand that you were just avoiding the "monstrous" potholes that laden almost every street in Quincy.

It's not a matter of missing those potholes but trying to minimize how many you do hit. Nobody is happier about them than the alignment guys in town. Driving is not much fun when your eyeballs are bouncing in the front seat as you drive.

It's enough to almost drive you to drink which could cause you to swerve again. That's another problem that we are all aware of.  I haven't even mentioned "road rage" either.

I think I may have taken my last "relaxing" drive and that's a shame.


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