I'm sure you have seen the pink van around the Quincy area the past few months.

Thanks to Peters Heating and Air, one of their vans has been designed in pink, and a portion of the funds raised by service calls from the pink van are donated to help fight breast cancer. This is a great idea.

The van does its normal thing, going to houses and fixing what needs to be fixed. The Peters family have been involved in the Quincy area since the 1950s. They have grown their business year after year, making Peters Heating and Air a part of Quincy's fabric. Along with KHQA and Y101, the Pink Van Project not only reminds people to help the cause, but also hopefully makes people think about their own bodies and how they live their lives.

If the Pink Van can get the exposure out like it has been, it will remind people to take care of themselves and help others at the same time. The Pink Van Project is a great idea. Remember to ask for the pink van when you make your service calls!

Petes Pink Van to benefit Blessing Cancer Center
Michael Rose

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