I've always found it curious when someone refers to a cemetery as "haunted". It's the resting place of the dead obviously. There's one Missouri cemetery that has a unique legend attached to it. It's said to be the most haunted in the state where a former caretaker was murdered...yet still lives.

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The most haunted cemetery in Missouri according to multiple sites including Only In Your State in a new article they shared is Oak Ridge Cemetery in Elsberry, Missouri. Lincoln News Now said there was a woman named Mary Lou who watched over the cemetery back in the 1940's. She was told of a woman who had been buried with a fortune in jewelry that grave robbers were planning to rob. Mary Lou promised to guard the grounds and make sure it didn't happen.

As the story goes, the next morning Mary Lou was found murdered with a hammer overseeing the Oak Ridge Cemetery. Based on the experiences of many who share their stories, Mary Lou never stopped guarding that cemetery with reports of an entity carrying a lantern. Many also say they hear Mary Lou's voice.

The cemetery looks like a safe and solitary place to me. I would imagine that many families have loved ones that are laid to rest there who would object to the idea that someone or something makes Oak Ridge Cemetery sinister. However, there are too many stories that claim something is amiss in this sacred Elsberry, Missouri place. Missouri Ghosts even has someone who shared some strange pictures.

Is this much ado about nothing or does Mary Lou still guard the grounds? The truth is out there somewhere.

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