Everybody has seen at least one episode of 'Seinfeld,' but there is a "lost" episode that no one has seen!

'Seinfeld' just celebrated its 25th anniversary. Hard to believe for a quarter of a century we have been laughing at the "puffy shirt" or "I don't want to be a pirate" or "no soup for you!" Now come reports of a "lost episode" of the show that was never produced. The name of the said show is (or was) 'The Bet.' It was written but never filmed because the show made a joke referencing the killing of President John Kennedy. One of the producers of the show even said that you can't make a funny show about guns, in his opinion.

Be that as it may, 'Seinfeld' continues to be one of the best television shows, ever. I still laugh at all the stuff they did. Will they ever get back together? What do you think?

Rob Kim, Getty Images

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