As you might know I am a TV junkie, and look forward to each night of chilling on the couch with my DVR. With some shows ending, The Vampire Diaries, Bones, that got me thinking which series finales are, according to me, the worst endings? Here's my list.

All good things must come to an end, but does that end needs to be awful. There are some shows that I've watched religiously that have had the worst finales of all time.


The Sopranos TV Still
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The Sopranos - I don't know what the writers were thinking when they sat down to write the finale. Your really gonna end a show in a diner with the family eating and not saying a word. After all the death, lies, and cheating your just gonna have your characters end a show with NOTHING!


How I Met Your Mother - A divorce, a death, and no happy ending for the cast of How I Met Your Mother. 9 years we all waited to see who was the mother. and as fast as we found out they took her away. So say that this finale was disappointing is an understatement.


Lost - 6 years, yup 6 years I waited to find out that all this time THEY ARE ALL DEAD, are you kidding me. From monsters, to submarines, and plane crashes, I watched a show thinking these people were alive and they were dead  the whole time. The creators M. Night Shyamalaned me!


Seinfeld - A show about nothing, but you made you laugh every week, and still does with reruns everywhere. We did get to see several characters that they had on the series cone back and testify against the gang, but to end it with all of them in jail just talking about...well nothing, i felt it deserved a better ending then that.

What are some of the worst show finales you've seen? Comment Below





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